Print Process


Silver Gelatine Paper
Most of our back&white images are printed on silver gelatine paper directly from the original negative. One can still can call it a „classical“ material in gallery quality and it lasts for decades.

PE Paper
Since the 70s, PE (polyethylene) prints especially for B/W prints are on the market, they have a different surface and base than the silver gelatine prints, the results are different from silver gelatine prints. Artist Prints are mostly done on PE paper as a final test for the photographer before doing a silver gelatine print.

Color-/Large Format Paper
Especially for large format prints we are using KODAK Endura matt/glossy or Fuji Flex Glossy (high-glossy) paper on the Light-Jet printer for best and lasting results. Some Artists prefer Ilfochrome prints done with a Lambda printer out of tradition and because of the unique effects of the Ilfochrome paper. Large format prints have to be laminated on so called Alu- or Dibond, which is a panel made out of aluminium, a light but strong material for best hold without buckles – even after years. Some photographers prefer DiaSec, a glass which is mounted directly on the image without using any frame, as a finish for their C-prints.