Print Process


Every photographer knows that even the greatest shot can only be revived through the final printing. Therefore it’s absolutely necessary for a photographer to have his own lab or a highly professional and experienced printer he is working together with – a printer who knows exactly about the handwriting and soul of the photographer.

For years we are working together with those darkroom specialists who didn’t only make thousands of high quality prints – photographer and printer even became one unit and follow a certain line of style, a constellation which is hard to find. It’s a long way from the shoot to a final handcrafted silver gelatine print, but finally you will see and feel the quality of the image and its true value.

Beside the darkroom, there are high level printers specialised on large format prints, especially the new generation of Lambda and especially the Light-Jet 500 printer doing our C-prints in exhibition quality up to 180x300cm / 70,87 x 117inch.