Current Exhibition "Women Only"

Stefan May Editions presents you images out of Stefan May's latest coffeetablebook called "Women Only", released in 2009 by teNeues publisher.

(...) The Individual signature of Stefan May is his visible naturalness, which is persistently conspiuious. We can, for instance, detect the fine hair on the skin of the model, a mischievous glitter in her eyes, a spontaneous gesture which can only develop if the photographer, especially with nude photographs, knows how to establish a close bond with his model. May's images are exceedingly favorable to women without, at the same time, turning against men. They dare and show a lot without ever transgressing the borders of decency or aestheticism. They are neither hard nor soft; instead, they are thrillingly erotic and moving. (...)

Petra Winter, Chief Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine Germany 2009

The exhibition shows 36 timeless black & white and color images, which were created between 1996 and 2008 in the original sequence of the "Women Only" coffeetablebook, which was published in over 60 countries.