Artist Information

Lensfield aka Stefan May

Lensfield is known for his photograph series on the big cites of the world, such as Paris, Berlin and Milan. In these works he reveals his completely personal view of these cities in the way he discovered them on many trips with his camera. Published by teNeues Verlag in 2002: „New York, photographs by Lance Lensfield“, a portrait of the city showing both lively scenes of people and unusual perspectives of architectural structures. The real person behind the pseudonym Lensfield is the photographer Stefan May, who was born in Germany in 1962.
Stefan May did not devote himself to his great passion for photography until he had finished studying medicine. His first contact with the medium was in the photo lab of the Munich Dermatological Clinic under Prof. Dr. Braun-Falco, for whom he documented skin diseases with a Leica and a circular flash unit for the archive. The self-taught photographer later spent time as an assistant in fashion photography in Sydney for different fashion and beauty photographers. Ever since he decided to devote himself exclusively to photography he has been working in the international sphere for well-known magazines and major advertising clients. His works, presented in an exclusive online archive, continue to feature people / celebrities and beauty / body subjects.
Stefan May became famous mainly for sensual black-andwhite photographs from extreme viewpoints allowing the viewer a direct experience of the depicted scene. Also published by teNeues Verlag 2002: „Couples, photographs by Stefan May“, 2003: „Men, photographs by Stefan May, 2004: „Women, photographs by Stefan May“,  showing hitherto unpublished photographs besides others already well known in this area of his work.
The two volumes Men and Women were published again in a smaller format in 2008. His latest volume called Stefan May, Women Only was published by teNeues in 2009 and contains a collection of black and white photographs as well as colored photographs.